Ashleigh Miller
Sr Program Manager & 3D SME Amazon

Ashleigh (Ash) Miller is an artist and 3D subject matter expert, specializing in photorealistic rendering for augmented reality and web real-time. Currently she is Program Manager for Amazon Imaging 3D, the team which standardizes, produces, and provides content to Amazon’s various 3D CX worldwide. Ash has focused on a variety of internal infrastructure and standardization initiatives, and is now managing the infrastructure and educational projects needed in order to support Amazon sellers and vendors in the use of their own 3D content across the site. Beginning in 2020 she served as Co-chair for the Khronos Group's Certification and Validation Technical Sub-Group, until the launch of the Viewer Certification program in late 2021. In addition to her work in eCommerce, Ash stays connected to her roots in fine art, directing and consulting on interdisciplinary performances and installations which combine music, performance, visual multimedia, and experimental technology.