Mikayla Graham
Innovation leader for Acceleration Centers PwC

Mikayla Graham is an 0rganizational psychologist with over 13 years of experience in designing and executing innovative strategies supporting business growth, performance management, people development, culture building, and client service excellence. Her expertise spans change management, Metaverse technologies discovery, design and development, agile development, gap analysis and needs assessment, curriculum strategy & design, human-centered design, performance consulting, and adult learning principles. She is a Director at PwC and the Innovation Leader for PwC’s Acceleration Centers and part of PwC US Metaverse Technologies team.

As PwC is establishing a global talent footprint and a unique combination of people, competencies and technologies through the Acceleration Centers, Mikayla is powering the talent strategy and innovation strategies by building a culture of digital upskilling and tech-enabled innovation. At PwC, she has established two virtual, metaverse-driven, interactive campuses that transform learning, promote adoption of a digital mindset, and accelerates innovation.