20 Jan 2020 | Emily Friedman
Weekly Spatial: AR Contacts, VR & Visual Memories & Pearl Jam Tries AR
AR/VR Weekly

Catch up on the latest AR/VR highlights, funding news & launch announcements: Week of January 13

Image Source: Mojo Vision

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Spatial by AWE! In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the biggest news, funding activity and announcements in immersive tech, here are three stories that caught our eye last week:


Mojo Vision has made the dreams of numerous science fiction writers a reality with Mojo Lenses. The first-gen AR contacts feature 14k pixels-per-inch microdisplays, wireless radios, and image and motion sensors. 

Meanwhile, a new Japanese study suggests VR may actually prevent the formation of visual memories. One hypothesis points to the cognitive load of VR experiences, which might inhibit learning.

Finally, Pearl Jam teased new album Gigaton via a worldwide AR scavenger hunt. Fans in cities around the world were treated to a snippet of music and animation of polar ice caps melting by viewing billboards through the Gigaton Instagram filter.

The XR Market

AR/VR to add $4.1B to UAE economy by 2030, PwC says (The National)

Oculus Permanently Lowers Oculus Go Price to $150 (Road to VR)

XR4ALL publishes map of funding opportunities (XR4ALL)

Brand New: Launches & More

MGISS and vGIS announce partnership to transform GIS, BIM and CAD data into AR (Directions Magazine)

FDA to host March 5 meeting on AR/VR in medicine (MedTech Drive)

Google gets patent in India for tech on AR-based virtual graffiti (Business Standard)

Walgreens using HoloLens 2 to train employees of new Kroger Express stores (The Record)

New Museum and Onassis USA creating a space for MR artists in Midtown Manhattan (Fad Magazine)

Apple releases new 'Reality Converter' macOS app for working with USDZ AR and 3D files (9to5Mac)

Disney's 'top secret' Frozen 2 VR short is heading to Sundance (CNET)

Microsoft Looking Into HoloLens 2 Display Issues (Venture Beat)

Snapchat Launches AR Scavenger Hunt with Near-Instant Object Recognition (Next Reality)

SoftServ Release Shelf Analytics AI Tool with MR Shopping Assistant (Yahoo! Finance)

ASOS introduces See my Fit tool developed with Israeli AR company Zeekit (MDS)

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