3 Feb 2020 | Emily Friedman
Weekly Spatial: VR& Concussions, Glasses or Bust & Accessibility in VR
AR/VR Weekly

Catch up on the latest AR/VR highlights, funding news & launch announcements: Week of January 27

Image Source: ZDNet

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Spatial by AWE! In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the biggest news, funding activity and announcements in immersive tech, here are three stories that caught our eye last week:


With the Super Bowl on Sunday, it's fitting we heard about a VR simulation this week that teaches youth football players and coaches about concussions. Created by Stanford & TeachAids, CrashCourse is being promoted by USA Football & Pop Warner. 

Meanwhile, Macworld writer Jason Cross argued on Tuesday that AR on phones and tablets is never going to take off. If the technology is to succeed it will be in the form of glasses--it's "glasses or bust" for AR.

Finally, does VR have an accessibility problem? In an article in Scientific American, Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips points out that people with a variety of disabilities, from physical impairment to autism, have issues using VR. It's not just a lack of inclusivity; it's bad business sense!

The XR Market

Spatial Raises $22M for Mixed Reality Collaboration in Enterprise (PR Newswire)

Zuckerberg Says Oculus Store Sold Almost $5M in Content on Christmas Day (Upload VR)

Brand New: Launches & More

VR World Opens Flagship NYC Location (PR Newswire)

UCSF Business Accelerator Partnering with AppliedVR to Study Digital Therapeutics for Underserved Populations (mHealthIntelligence)

SA Photonics Releases Innovative SA-62/E Electronic See-Through AR Display (Business Wire)

Christie's announces traveling exhibition for Marina Abramović's mixed reality artwork (Observer)

Pinterest now lets you try on your pins in augmented reality (Digital Trends)

Gleechi reveals VirtualGrasp, automates hand interactions in VR (Upload VR)

EE to debut 5G-powered AR dress at BAFTA Awards (Mobile Marketing Magazine)

Startup Phiar Prepares Beta Launch of AR Driving Navigation App for iPhone (Next Reality)

LYNX teases reveal of its Lynx R1 VR/AR headset (Road to VR)

8th Wall & Trigger Build AR Lego Playground for Web to Promote Fox's 'Lego Masters' (Next Reality)

Air Force Developing VR C-130 Maintenance Training Program (AirForceTimes)

Atari is Planning to Build 8 Gaming Hotels Featuring Immersive Experiences for Every Age (PC Gamer)

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