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  • Wacom VR Pen
    Wacom has unveiled the new Wacom VR Pen. The device is a stylus controller featuring a pressure-sensitive button near the pen’s tip that allows users to grip the pen to naturally alter stroke thickness. The pen will allow for more control and precision when drawing in VR. (RoadtoVR)
  • Xesto Sizes your Feet in AR
    Xesto has launched an app that utilized the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to generate individual 3D foot models of your feet. The goal of the app is to make shopping for shoes online easier. They claim to be under 1.5 mm in terms of accuracy, and support more than 150 shoe brands. The app also allows you to share your foot scans to make gifting shoes easier. (TechCrunch)
  • Looking Glass Portrait
    Holographic display company Looking Glass Factory launched a Kickstarter for their new Portrait on Dec. 2, and reached their goal of $50,000 in just 45 minutes. At the time of writing, the campaign had reached over $1,560,000, more than 31X their original goal. (Kickstarter) Interested in hearing more from Looking Glass Factory? Join us for AWE Nite: Holographic Zoom, Anyone? - presented by Looking Glass Factory, Dec 16 at 12pm EST / 9am PST / 5pm GMT! (AWE)

The XR Market

Creal Raises $7.2M
Creal raised $7.2M in a round of funding it closed in November. The company is working to develop a light-field display for XR HMDs. (RoadtoVR)

65% of US Shoppers are Comfortable with AR
A new study has found that 65% of US consumers are comfortable with AR shopping, as many companies turn to AR for the holiday shopping season in quarantine. (ARPost)

NReal Lite Coming to EU
NReal has announced that its NReal light glasses, previously only available in South Korea and Japan, will be available in Europe through a partnership with telecommunications company Vodafone. (VRFocus)

Jio Backs Krikey
The largest telecommunications company in India, Jio, is leading an investment round in the AR game company Krikey. As part of the announcement, Krikey launched a new AR adventure game, Yaatra. (TechCrunch)

Rec Room Pro Players Can Sell Creations
Rec Room premium players can now sell their creations to other players for in-game currency. This is believed to be a steppingstone to selling for real-world currency as per the company's announcement in September. (RoadtoVR)

Launches & Announcements

  • Varjo has released the new VR-3 and XR-3 headsets. (Varjo)

  • Acute Art and Dazed Media have launched a new Art project entitled "Unreal City" which features 36 AR sculptures along the river Thames in London. (AnOther)

  • 53% of SteamVR Usage is now on Oculus Quest headsets. (UploadVR)

  • A new study finds that XR could be the solution to Zoom Fatigue caused by remote work. (HRReporter)

  • Universal Studios Japan's new Super Nintendo Land zone will feature the AR enabled Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster. (TheVerge)

  • This new headset from Congnixion combines a brain computing interface and AR to help those with communication disorders by reading brainwaves to "speak for you". (TweakTown)

  • Get up close and personal with dinosaurs through National Geographic's new AR experience. (ARPost)

  • Creating AR scans of fiber laid underground as its put in place can help to prevent damage and delays in the future. (ISPReview)

  • Go behind the curtain at Innerspace VR's new adventure puzzle game Maskmaker. (VRFocus)

  • Google has announced it will be shutting down Poly, its 3D object sharing platform on June 30, 2021. (Forbes)

  • Hinge hopes to release an update Today (Friday, Dec. 4) to fix issues pointed out by reviewers on Steam that have reached the negatives. (UploadVR)

  • Marvel Powers United VR will no longer be playable as of March 1st, with refunds available upon request. (RoadtoVR)

  • Dior's holiday gift boxes will be viewable through AR this holiday season. (SavoirFlair)

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AWE Throwback: A New Medium Panel:

 How AR & VR is Shaping Art and How AR & VR Art is Shaping our Future Lives

In honor of  the Wacom VR Pen and London's Unreal City AR sculpture exhibit, take a look at this panel from AWE Europe 2017 on XR's place in Art

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