24 Sep 2021 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: Real-World Marketing Through AR
Augmented Reality

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that plucks the greatest hits from the vast AWE conference archive. To get the juices flowing for AWE USA 2021, we're highlighting insightful videos from the recent past. 

This week, we turn attention to the art of geo-local AR monetization. And the king of that world so far is Niantic. Not only has it gained more consumer AR traction than any other company (with the possible exception of Snap), but it has turned that into real dollars. 

Though Pokémon Go (PGO) in-game player spending gets most of the attention (and rightly so), its under-exposed program to drive foot traffic to local merchants is likewise producing results. We spotlight the thinking behind the program and its tangible outcomes.
See the full video below along with TLDR (or TLDW) quick-hit takeaways.

– By piggybacking on PGO’s organic engagement, Niantic drives foot traffic to local businesses.
– To do this successfully, player experience has to come first. It can’t feel like an ad...
– This means in-game sponsorship has to be integrated elegantly and organically.
– Niantic has done this effectively by letting sponsors be the gyms where Pokémon hatch.
– The raids that result in and around those locations produce real business outcomes.
– SK Telcom did this and got a 10.8 percent boost in loyalty signups (campaign goal).
– 7-11 achieved a 10.5 percent increase in sales during its timed raid. 
– Fitting locations include restaurants, convenience stores and coffee shops (fuel for gameplay!).

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