20 May 2022 | Mike Boland
AWE Talks: "Always Be Closing" with XR
Virtual Reality

Welcome back to AWE Talks, our series that plucks the greatest hits from the vast AWE conference archive. We still have a treasure trove of untapped session footage from AWE USA 2021 to draw upon. And 2022's show will already be here in June. 

For this week's talk, we spotlight XR consultant Richard Armstrong's case study on BMWs XR implementation. Can AR and VR help auto manufacturers and dealers sell more cars through immersive tours? Armstrong shows us how it was done...

See the full video below along with quick-hit takeaways...

– We've all learned that VR isn't a silver bullet... it's great in some applications but not others.
– One use case showing some success is in visualizing high-ticket items like cars and homes.
– For the former, BMW has begun to create VR installations at its dealerships to sell cars.
– The idea is to view variations (colors, etc.) beyond what a dealer can have physically on hand.
– This can be a salesperson's best friend in helping to sell the vision of a car more immersively.
– This concept also applies to high-margin accessories, as we recently examined in an AR context.
– Beyond auto variations and accessories, VR lets salespeople show the car in different contexts.
– For example, customers can view factors like lighting and reflection by seeing the car at sunset.
– But how do all of these benefits get executed effectively? There are a few best practices to follow.
– For one, don't skimp on hardware. Selling high-end cars requires high-resolution rendering.
– BMW used HTC Vive Pro Eye to accomplish necessary details like color and leather grain.
– BMW also kept the experience on-site in a controlled environment at its dealerships.
– This lets salespeople guide the experience, given that VR is still early in its consumer acclimation.
– Also mirror the experience on nearby flat screens so car-buyers' friends and loved ones can see.
– The experience may benefit in the future from at-home use, preventing a trip to the dealership.
– AR could also fill some gaps, letting consumers place the car in their driveway, using an iPad. 
– These scenarios will be opportune for cars with several options and customizations, such as Mini.

Check out the full video below with commentary and case studies from Armstrong... 

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