24 Jun 2019 | AWE Team
AWE USA 2019: Suggested Videos from Each Track
AWE USA 2019

AWE USA 2019, the 10th AWE (!), featured incredible talks by spatial computing innovators and leaders from Adobe, DreamWorks Animation, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Facebook, Google, Magic Leap, The New York Times, nreal, PTC, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, Unity, and many more cutting-edge technology companies and world-famous brands. For those who made it to our 10th anniversary celebration, it was impossible to be everywhere at once. Missed the highlights? Check out a selection from each track below:

Main Stage:

From Storytelling to Storyliving

Vicki Dobbs Beck of ILMxLAB (part of Lucasfilm) discusses the ongoing pursuit of innovation in storytellng and its potential to change the world of entertainment and more. Plus, Vicki showed a preview of Vadar Immortal, the first episode of which was just released!

Creating the Sound-First Approach to AR

Find out how Bose AR is enabling new experiences for millions of users as Michael Ludden (Bose) showcases some of the most compelling applications built by members of the Bose developer creative community. 


Virtual Merchandising - A New Reality for Market Research 

Raffaella Camera (Accenture Interactive) and Patrick Costello (Qualcomm) talk about teaming up with Kellogg's to reinvent how brands and retailers do consumer research using mobile VR with embedded eye tracking. 

Using XR to Discover the Future of Data

In this talk, Suzanne Borders (BadVR) demonstrates how immersion adds value as an interface for large, complex, multi-variate data sets. 


Art in VR: The Birth of a New Medium

Facebook's Goro Fujita shares the new tools Oculus is creating to help people express themselves. He beautifully describes the moment he realized he could meet his own characters in VR and makes VR art live on stage.  

How Sound Augments Reality 
Amy LaMeyer (WXR Fund) makes the case for sound as an integral part of spatial computing experiences and predicts that advances in hearables will support a new wave of AR creation using audio. 


Building Web AR Experiences with 8th Wall
Did you complete the AWE Portal Hunt powered by 8th Wall? In this video, learn how to create custom Web AR experiences and use 8th Wall's AR Camera in a matter of minutes with Tony Tomarchio! 

Increasing Immersion with MR Lighting Tools 
How do we render holograms that look good in the environment and how do we make them look like they belong in their surroundings? Find out from Microsoft's Nick Klingensmith. 

Gaming & Entertainment:

Planet Scale AR

Since Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just launched, check out this fireside chat between Ross Finman (Niantic) and Jason McDowall (The AR Show Podcast). 

Augmented Reality Meets Television - Ellen DeGeneres' Game of Games AR App 
An AR app from one of America's most beloved comedians has received a lot of press, especially after AWE; where Paul Hake (HitPoint Inc.) talked with Daniel Leary and Alexa Hook (The Ellen DeGeneres Show) about the creative and technical process behind the app and how AR can connect with traditional TV shows.

XR Enablement:

Achieving Global Adoption - How my Team Changed the World with CMOS Imaging 

In the early 90s, Sabrina Kemeny (Tap Systems, Inc.) co-invented the CMOS image sensor at JPL in Pasadena. Two decades later, CMOS image sensors are in every smartphone and digital camera, and they're enabling the XR industry, too. 

Using AR and VR for Brain Synchronization 
AR/VR veteran Mark Billinghurst (University of South Australia) presents fascinating research--the first brain synchronization studies conducted in AR and VR!

Marketing & Sales:

Deploying Brand AR at Scale: Dispatches from the Front Lines

Tony Parisi (Unity) kicked off the very first AWE Marketing & Sales Track, examining the usefulness, scalability and enjoyment through case studies, lessons learned and experiences from the field. 

Best in Class Branded Content 
Top marketing and creative executives working on XR content for brands participate in this panel, including Keith Curtin (Zappar), Tracy Quitasol (OMD Worldwide), John Buzzell (You Are Here Labs), Dan Ferguson (Groove Jones) and Samantha Wolfe (We Are Phase2 and the fantastic chair of the Marketing & Sales track).


Creating AR experiences that stick for news audiences

Ray Soto digs into USA TODAY's AR projects, which brought rocket launches to life and showed the devastating effects of a 6-story pile of waste on Chicago in the 90s. The NETWORK even gave readers an immersive look at Oscar-nominated costumes. 

Healing Stories Powered by Biometrics
Sarah Hill (Healium by StoryUP Studios) makes the case for brain patterns and heart rate as XR storytelling's new inputs. Watch this video to learn about a new study on XR's therapeutic impact on anxiety. 

Training & Education / Startup Track:

3 Transformative Powers of VR for Education

Monica Arés talks about how VR is redefining how we teach and learn and how Facebook is enabling a technology revolution in Education. 

The Habits of Highly Successful Startups
This panel of CEOs from AR/VR companies that are thriving in 2019 was moderated by Digi-Capital's Isabel Hierholtz. Featuring Paul Kellenberger (zSpace Inc), Ryan Fink (Streem), Derek Belch (STRIVR), Ashley Crowder (VNTANA), and Lynn Rosenthal (Periscape VR)

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