27 Jun 2019 | Emily Friedman
AR+VR Weekly: VR Violence, AR User Rights, and Harry Potter
AR/VR Weekly

Catch up on the latest AR+VR highlights, funding news & launch announcements: Week of June 24

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It’s been another busy week in AR+VR! In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the biggest AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are four stories you need to know: VR violence, AR user rights, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Two VR artworks at this year's Dark Mofo in Tasmania had viewers considering the ethics of virtual reality brutality: Real Violence by Jordan Wolfson (also displayed at the 2017 Whitney Biennial) and Paul McCarthy's CSSC Coach Stage Stage Coach VR experiment: Mary and Ave. 

Meanwhile, Christopher Mc Alorum argued that AR has immense power and its users will need rights: "The Enabled Landscape will involve many companies and professions around the world; a company's set of regulations is not enough. Where to start? How to design and build an innovative, fair and ethical future?"

Finally, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which reached No. 1 on Apple's U.S. App Store for free apps within the first 24 hours of its release, has been rolled out to a global audience. 

Launch Announcements

HTC Reveals Vive Cosmos Resolution, Refresh Date, & Lens Details (Road to VR

Mixed Reality Streaming Software LIV Announces Plans to Leave Early Access (VR Focus)

'Catan VR' launches on PSVR, Cross-play with "major VR platforms" (Road to VR)

Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Capture Tools Now Available (VR Scout)

Valve Releases 'Aperture Hand Lab' Index Demo to Show Off New Controllers (Road to VR)

Pimax Announces Improvements to "5K" Plus and "8K" Headsets, Updates on Accessories (Road to VR)

Manus VR Launches €5000 Haptic Gloves for Enterprise (VR Focus)

Soundgarden's "Live From the Artists Den" immersive experiences premieres this week (Variety)

Jurassic World Alive launches sanctuaries feature in AR geo-location game (VentureBeat)

Gucci Launches Try-On iOS app feature for its Ace sneakers collection (VentureBeat

Event Listings

ACT-W: Conference: June 28-29 (Portland, OR) Use code AWEUSA20 for 20% off tickets

SIGGRAPH 2019: July 28-August 1 (Los Angeles, CA)

Tech Inclusion 2019: September 11-12 (San Francisco, CA)

EWTS 2019:  September 17-19 (Dallas, TX)

AWE EU 2019: October 17-18 (Munich, Germany)

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