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Booth: N/A
Pavilion: Exhibitor
Private room: Napa 1
LetinAR is a startup that develops an optical solution for Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses. Current smart glasses manufacturers use traditional optical systems such as Half-mirror, Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs), and waveguides to build the devices. However, Under-par performance of those optical systems has hardly satisfied users and experts. The bulky body, narrow Field of View (FoV), complicated manufacturing process, and inaccurate color expression have long been a stumbling block for successful commercialization of AR smart glasses. LetinAR’s PinMR™ lens is set to innovate AR smart glasses. LetinAR has applied the so-called “Pinhole Effect” to tiny mirrors and embedded them with eyeglass lenses. Respective PinMR™ reflects the light from a microdisplay and guides the light into human pupils. Users may view the virtual image from the microdisplay as well as the image from the real world at ease. Human eyes cannot detect the mirrors, which are smaller than pupils. Only the virtual image formed by the light reflected by those mirrors is visible. With LetinAR PinMR™ Lens, smart glasses manufacturers can build smart glasses that resemble conventional glasses. The simple structure of PinMR™ Lens module can facilitate mass production. PinMR™ Lens shows wider virtual screen than the currently available optical systems while more accurately expressing colors – an edge over diffraction-based or refraction-based systems from competitors. PinMR™ Lens can also show a clear image without inducing dizziness because it is able to extend the Depth of Field (DoF) multiple times. LetinAR aims to break down the technical barriers that have long hindered the commercialization of AR glasses, with its trademarked PinMR™.