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About Mantis Vision - Capture the World in 3DMantis Vision brings high-definition 3D content to everyday experiences. We empower consumers, application developers and industry professionals to instantly capture and share high quality 3D content. From 3D cameras on mobile devices to professional handheld 3D scanners and engines for OEMs, our technology easily transforms objects, places and live people into high resolution 3D digital content, in real-time. Using structured light technology that blends digital and physical realities, our vision is to transform the communication medium of tomorrow – where everyone will share 3D selfies, capture 3D volumetric content and document their lives in augmented and virtual reality.Volumetric (holographic) capture rig for high-quality studio capture.Volumetric (holographic) capture rig for live high-quality streaming over 4G\5G.Volumetric (holographic) capture rig for retailers with mm accurate full body dimensions.Real Time Communication platform to upgrade existing video conferencing (Zoom, Teams...) to an immersive 3D experience combining live volumetric sources with existing video\audio feeds.Mobile depth sensing that fits a phone\PDA for 3D FaceID, auto measurements and 3D modeling.Handheld 3D scanners for industrial\professional indoor\outdoor 3D modeling (from objects to vehicles and up to office floors.