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SureFire (ARON)
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Augmented-reality optical narrowcasting (ARON) is a pioneering communications technology that transmits information locally using beams of NIR light with tailored directionality. ARON offers a robust many-transmitters to many-receivers free-space optical communications channel for personal use with mobile devices.ARON is independent of existing cellular or internet networks but can interface readily with them. We have demonstrated key features of the technology using custom optical communications hardware and software developed especially for this purpose.  A practical communication range of 400 meters in broad daylight is achievable today with miniaturized optics transmitting HD video to a smartphone.  An augmented-reality-style user interface, wherein visual representations of available information sources are overlaid on a live display of video imagery allows users to conveniently manage transmissions from multiple parties. ARON is envisioned to be installed in the body of future smartphones and other mobile devices and in vehicles, opening new vistas for commerce and social interaction.