Alex Kipman
Technical Fellow - AI and Mixed Reality Microsoft

Alex Kipman is a Technical Fellow who leads the Mixed Reality team at Microsoft with the goal of transforming how the world works, communicates, learns, and plays with mixed reality.

Alex’s latest product creations include the Microsoft HoloLens and the Windows Mixed Reality software platform, bringing holograms and immersive experiences to the world.

Kipman is an innovator at heart and has led four major break-through products, including the Microsoft Kinect (2010) that became world’s fastest selling consumer electronics device. Kipman was a 2011 inductee to Microsoft’s Hall of Legends. The Hall of Legends honor recognizes an individual responsible for creating or directly influencing a visionary initiative through collaboration and technical leadership that creates a breakthrough in the technology industry. Kipman is a two-time honoree of TIME’s high-profile “Digital 25” list of innovators (2010, 2011) and a 2011 member of Time’s “100 People of the Year” list. In 2012, he was named National Inventor of the Year by the nonprofit Intellectual Property Foundation. Kipman has been named the primary inventor on more than 150 patents since joining Microsoft in 2001.

Kipman was born in Curitiba, Brazil and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001.

In his private life, Alex puts emphasis on spending time with his wife and daughter on real-world experiences such as camping and the great outdoors.