Suzan Oslin
Director of Spatial Experiences UXXR Design

Suzan Oslin is managing director of UXXR Design, works as the Program Manager of Spatial Experiences for the Open AR Cloud, and is a founding principal at VEIL, a vanguard of 34 international researchers dedicated to promoting natural and inclusive immersive interface design worldwide. Suzan is helping to bridge the gap between humanity's future and its origins as the creator/director of ”SEARCHING FOR SISTER GAIA”, an immersive experience designed to remind us of the preciousness of life and the extraordinary forces controlling it-- a positive vision that affirms the evolution of life as self-selecting and infinite.

An early B.F.A. graduate of the Electronic Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois in Chicago and computer graphics pioneer, Suzan started her career animating digital effects for Warner Brothers, and Disney Feature Animation. She resides in Los Angeles where she co-produces events for the local chapter of AWE Nites.