Robert Hoffmeister
CEO Goodly Innovations

Coming to AWE 2021 in the Bay Area is kind of like coming home for Robert. He has lived in the Bay Area for over a decade since 2001, working in various roles in computer graphics for Lucas Digital and as a visual effects supervisor and stereoscopic director for Disney Animation before returning to Germany about 10 years ago to start his own company.

Robert is the CEO of goodly innovations, an award winning international AR process guidance company headquartered in Munich.

Goodly innovations was founded by Robert together with Dr. Dirk Schrader, an experienced pharma and lean expert, specifically to tackle the most complex regulated processes in the pharma and bio-pharma industry. Fully aware of the highly regulated processes and all the associated pain points, the team was able to establish a standard that has now been implemented around the world, amounts others at 6 of the 20 largest pharma companies and has been proven to eliminate errors in manual processes, enable smooth onboarding and training for complex processes that normally take months to train, and last but not least create double digit OEE improvements and a compliant integrated way of working.


Nov 9

04:35 PM - 05:00 PM

Grand Ballroom EF