Mikey Trujillo
Project Manager, Marvel Themed Entertainment Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Mikey Trujillo is a project manager for Marvel Themed Entertainment, helping to bring Marvel’s epic library of characters to various theme parks, traveling exhibits, shows, pop culture conventions, fan events, sporting events, virtual events,and amusement venues all over the world.

Prior to joining Marvel, he worked at The Disneyland Resort for seven years, where he operated attractions, hostedVIP tours, facilitated youth education programs, was an official spokesperson for on-air radio and television programs, andeventually worked behind the scenes to program events.

Currently, he lives in Anaheim, California with his fiancé. 



Nov 9

02:15 PM - 03:10 PM

Mission City Ballroom
Main Stage

Marvel Mission: Escape Rooms

Amy Peck | EndeavorXR

Brian Crosby | Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Mikey Trujillo | Marvel Entertainment, LLC

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