Mikel Salazar
HCI-3DUI Researcher Institute for Energy Technology

A Human-Computer Interaction researcher that focuses on the development of advanced 3D User Interfaces for Mixed Reality systems. His extensive experience in Computer Science (from software architecture to cybersecurity) and everything 3D (modelling, animation, printing, etc.) allow him to face any technological challenge... and come up with novel solutions each time. Yet, the achievements that he is more proud of are not those that he attained for himself, but the ones he allows others to accomplish. To that end, he is currently developing several open-source technologies both as a researcher at IFE (Halden) and as a CTO of Augmented Interaction.


Nov 11

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM

Grand Ballroom EF

Developing Interoperable, Collaborative 3D Editors with WebXR

Mikel Salazar | Institute for Energy Technology