Noble Ackerson
Director of Product, Emerging Technologies Ventera Corp

Noble's professional career is centered at the intersection of data ethics and emergent tech. 

From evangelizing practical data privacy principles, empowering enterprises with the tools to eliminate bias and promote fairness in machine learning, Noble has pushed the limits of mobile, web, and wearable spatial computing applications the human-centered way. 

For over a decade, he has delivered award-winning solutions from abstract concepts to impactful digital product solutions.

Mr. Ackerson is a Certified AI Product Manager, a Google Certified Design Sprint Master, and formally a Google Developers Expert for Product Strategy. 

When Noble is not focused on product, he is farming, making art, mentoring underrepresented and aspiring technology founders or speaking at technology events.


Nov 10

05:00 PM - 05:25 PM

Grand Ballroom A
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