Jay Wright
CEO / Co-Founder Campfire

Jay Wright is an inventor and entrepreneur with a history of anticipating shifts in computing and building products to realize them. Since 2008 he's been focused on augmented reality and is best known for co-founding Vuforia at Qualcomm. Jay grew Vuforia into the leading AR development platform for handheld and headworn devices and enabled an ecosystem of tens of thousands of applications for consumer and enterprise use. Upon selling Vuforia to PTC in 2015, Jay focused Vuforia on the enterprise market and launched Vuforia Chalk - a remote assistance tool described as the "future of education, service, and support". With extensive knowledge of AR technology and the industry landscape, Jay took on a new mission with Campfire in 2018 - to deliver on the promise of holographic collaboration for design and engineering.


Nov 9

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM

Grand Ballroom B
Remote Collaboration, Training & Education