Kami Karras
Partner Streem

Kami Karras is a visionary creative technologist with a background that combines software development, conceptual art, and communication design. Leveraging her education from Pacific Northwest College of Art, and renowned code school, Hackbright Academy, Kami has carved out innovative roles in her career such as Immersive Experience Designer and UX Prototyper/Web Developer.  She currently serves as a Creative Technologist for Streem where she designs creative technical solutions and develops interactive and spatial prototypes - transforming concepts into intuitive, effective, and user-friendly digital experiences.

Kami sees extended reality as an empowering way to communicate and express herself artistically. By creating new realities and sharing spatial experiences, Kami hopes to inspire other creators to imagine new possibilities. 

An avid gamer, Kami is influenced by the way AR game design is aware of the curiosity of the player in the 3D space. At AWE Kami will be moderating a panel exploring the future of art in XR where she's excited to learn the different values and thought processes these creatives hold as they build the future.


Nov 11

09:00 AM - 09:55 AM

Grand Ballroom C

The Future of Art and Creation: Interactive Art and Games in AR

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Kami Karras | Streem

Estella Tse | Estella Tse, LLC

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