Anca Stefanescu
Head of Growth/Sales Manager Spectar

Technology, growth, and revenue leader with deep expertise in analyzing and understanding complex structures, workflows and processes, and defining the overall value chain of an industry. With solid background in all aspects of B2B strategic growth planning, Anca brings a blend of strategy, technical, creative, analytic, and project management expertise, with over 15 years of experience leading domestic and foreign companies to drive growth.Anca’s commitment to driving market leadership for her customers has enabled her to establish a track record of customer success with over 200 mid-size/large organizations in construction, SaaS, AR/MR, manufacturing, HealthTech, FinTech, AI, machine learning, and IoT. From large companies to startups and hyper-growth businesses, Anca has had the opportunity to lead exceptional teams at some of the world’s top companies and is now passionately focused on empowering construction companies to build smarter jobsites using Augmented Reality.  


Nov 11

01:15 PM - 01:40 PM

Grand Ballroom EF

Eliminating Construction Waste with AR

Dace Campbell | Virtual World Society

Anca Stefanescu | Spectar