15 Sep 2022 | Sam Sprigg
Global XR innovators, giants, leaders and you! All meet at AWE EU
AWE EU 2022

AWE EU, Europe’s leading Augmented and Virtual Reality event, will be bringing the XR community together to showcase and celebrate the latest technological innovations from across the AR and VR industry. It will also draw a presence from not only the largest names in metaverse tech, but from some of the largest companies in the world, with XR professionals from all levels sharing what they've learned from applying spatial computing to their business models and use cases.

With more than 2,000 attendees, nearly 200 speakers (50% female), and over 100 exhibitors expected to gather at the FIL Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre in the heart of Lisbon from October 20-21, AWE EU’s diverse lineup is shaping up to be the largest event of its kind on the European continent this year.

Key industry players joining AWE EU

This year, some of the biggest names attending AWE EU will include: AWS, Epson (Silver Sponsor) Google, HTC Vive, Meta, META Materials (Gold Sponsor), Microsoft, Nestle, Niantic, Pfizer, Pico Interactive (Titanium Sponsor), PTC, Ready Player Me, Shopify, Siemens, TeamViewer (Gold Sponsor), The Glimpse Group, Venture Reality Fund, XR Association, and many more.

An agenda packed with diverse presenters, engaging topics, and big names

There are 11 agenda tracks at this year’s event, each of which will cover topics such as 3D avatars, digital fashion, AI & virtual humans, volumetric capture, Web3, XR headsets, and interoperability across metaverse platforms to name but a few. Talks will highlight the use cases for XR across a variety of industries too, including automotive, aerospace, creative arts, education, e-commerce & retail, gaming, energy & utilities, manufacturing and a host of others.


The AWE Main Stage centers the conversation on how spatial computing can positively impact society and provide utility and value for all; and has become the go-to outlet for XR’s hottest companies to launch new initiatives and highlight winning use cases.   

Outside the Main Stage, whether it is on the Enterprise stage, the Gaming, Entertainment & Media stage, the Healthcare & Wellness stage, or one of the other carefully curated tracks, there will be something for all attendees. Speakers from leading companies participating across each agenda track include:

Main Stage


Collaboration, Training & Education

XR Impact

Retail, E-commerce & Advertising


Start-ups & Investors






Healthcare & Wellness


Gaming, Entertainment & Media

XR Enablement

Learn more about AWE’s XR Prize Challenge

As well as being a gathering place for XR leaders from all across Europe this year, AWE EU will also provide attendees with an opportunity to learn more about AWE’s
XR Prize Challenge. Announced earlier this year, the XR Prize was established to encourage XR innovations to help fight climate change, with one winning submission standing to win a grand prize of $100,000. A winner will be announced at AWE USA 2023, however AWE EU will give the VR/AR community another glimpse into the challenge and should highlight more information on what to expect in the run up to next June.

Attending AWE EU in person is therefore one of the best ways to get ahead of the competition and for potential applicants to get the best insights on the types of submissions that could be in with the best chance of winning. You’ll be able to meet face to face with industry leaders, the competition’s organizers, as well as other spatial computing experts who are all working towards the same goal of bettering the future of humanity through XR technology and solutions.


Get face-to-face with the biggest names in tech at Europe’s leading XR event

That is of course also one of the biggest reasons to attend. Yes, there will be dozens of huge industry players in attendance, as well as focused talks and presentations covering all areas of the XR industry, but being a part of this leading XR community gathering in person is irreplaceable. Being shoulder to shoulder with all the other attendees, whether you’re a creator or developer looking for a new job, a startup looking for an investor (or investor looking for a startup), a solutions provider looking for end users, or vice versa, AWE EU will offer the best in-person XR community gathering in Europe, and will be a place where attendees will be able to learn about their industry, connect with fellow professionals, and grow their networks and businesses.

For those who will not be able to attend, there will still be the awe.live platform where people will be able to still feel a part of the community online. You’ll also be able to live stream talks from the Main Stage, but we all know that the real fun and excitement of the event really has to be seen and felt on-site. We hope to see you there!


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