AR Cloud Challenge:
Connected World of the Future

Open AR Cloud and Resight have partnered with AWE to organize an online challenge to develop AR Cloud concepts. It consists of a series of workshops with AR Cloud providers where participants will be invited to submit their concepts. The best concepts will be presented on stage at the AR Cloud Challenge Showcase at AWE USA 2021 in Santa Clara this November.

Being connected now, in post-pandemic times, is more precious than it has ever been. We have seen technology play a key role in maintaining, as well as, building connections in a disrupted and isolated world. Technology continues to evolve and the AR Cloud is becoming a real reality.

How can AR Cloud technology help us to foster collaboration, bridge social divides, even increase the depth and meaning of our relationships. What vision do you have for the connected world of the future?

Each selected final entry will receive a free Speaker Pass to AWE!

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What is the AR Cloud?

The AR Cloud is the unification of the physical and digital world by enabling the creation of immersive experiences where persistent, collaborative and contextual digital content is overlaid onto people, objects and locations. This provides users with contextual information and services directly tied to their physical surroundings and each other.

Join Online Workshop series

Open AR Cloud and Resight are partnering with AWE to organize a series of AR Cloud workshops that will culminate in a Showcase of the best concepts at AWE 2021 in Santa Clara. Industry tech partners will be invited to provide a two hour workshop demonstrating how their technology advances the AR Cloud and how it provides opportunity to build human connections. They will also discuss what they can offer as a mentor. The workshops will be open to all applicants.

Together with the tech partners, selected participants will strive to build an experience that brings people together and is built on the following AR Cloud principles:

  • Persistent content that is always accessible

  • Real-time multi-user interaction

  • Instant, ubiquitous localization

  • Understanding of the world that allows real-world interaction

The Challenge

Top applicants will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to be selected by the tech partners for mentoring and to enter the challenge. Selected participants will work in collaboration with the tech partners to build their AR Cloud: Connected World of the Future projects.

One month prior to AWE, all challenge participants will make an official submission of the progress they have made for review. Finalists will be chosen by a third party review panel of industry experts. Each selected final entry will receive a free Speaker Pass to AWE!

2021 AR Cloud Challenge Tentative Timeline

July 8 - August 20
Call for Participation
August 23 - September 2
Workshop Series
September 5
Pitch Submission
September 7 - October 15
Selected Participants Collaborative Development
October 31
Finalists Selected to Present at AWE Showcase
November 9-11
Winners Selected at AWE

How We Pick the Winners

In collaboration with their tech partners, finalists will submit a short pitch video to be shown at the AR Cloud Challenge Showcase at AWE. The review panel will discuss each entry live at the session, where the winner will be chosen.

  • Each entry will be scored based on these criteria:

  • Achieving the goal of connecting people

  • Effectively utilizing the underlying principle and technologies of the AR Cloud

  • Innovation of the idea

  • User experience and quality of the app

For more details see the Rules and Regulations


Gabriel René

Founder and CEO


Naomi Augustine-Yee

Co-Founder, Augmented Art Director

QXR Studios

Lisa Watts

VP Product Marketing & Planning

Magic Leap

2021 AR Cloud Partners


Holo-Light provides the remote rendering solution ISAR. The ISAR SDK enables the streaming of entire AR/VR apps to break the performance limitations of mobile XR devices.

Augmented Pixels

Augmented Pixels - a leader in precise 3D geolocation with the next generation of 3D maps crowdsourcing, on-cloud localization and AR navigation products on board.


Augmented reality platform. We make it easy to develop and deploy spatial apps: persistent, multi player, location based augmented reality apps.

Augmented City

Persistent and shared Augmented Reality on a City scale. We offer an easy entry to the complex world of AR - from Multiplayer games to Industrial AR.


XRPANET, inc. is an XR Spatial Web company. Our platform includes an XR Cloud, AR and VR Browsers, and a Vicinity messaging system with APIs allowing developers to build real world XR apps.


Through Unity, optimized for Google and Apple, ARWAY grants you an Augmented Reality Software Kit to frame the digital world in a few minutes!

Open AR
Open AR Cloud

Open AR Cloud's mission is to drive the development of open and interoperable spatial computing technology, data and standards to connect the physical and digital worlds for the benefit of all.


Create AR experiences that merge digital and physical realities for consumers, industrial use, ad campaigns and more.