Elena Piech
Experiential Producer AMP Creative
As a journalist-turned-technologist, Elena is fascinated by the ways virtual reality and augmented reality impact how we think, learn, and interact. Prior to becoming an Experiential Producer at AMP Creative, she was the Senior Marketing Manager for The Glimpse Group, a VR/AR platform company. Elena has worked closely with clients to turn ideas into transformative XR experiences. She's a forward-thinker who is interested in the future of culture, marketing, and interactive media. In addition to her professional career with enterprise XR, Elena is leading the marketing and distribution strategy for "Ship of the Dead," an upcoming VR and AR storytelling experience created by Qxr Studios. Partnering up with a well-known British author, Elena and her team of Marvel/DC comic book artists, veteran tech engineers, West End producers, former Magic Leapers, and more, are using immersive technologies to create a new format of storytelling.