Redefining Literature: Collaborating with Authors to Turn Books into AR/VR Experiences

Nov 11

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM


“Ship of the Dead” is a first-of-its-kind immersive storytelling experience that is viewable in both VR and AR. Based on the short story by international best-selling author, Kate Mosse, audience members use their smartphones or headsets to have a frightening encounter with the Ankou, a ghostly creature from Breton lore. As the audience uncovers the story, their decisions impact whether or not they will become the Ankou’s next victim. This project turns a piece of literature into two experiences that can be enjoyed in both VR and AR. The AR version features the author accompanying readers throughout the narrative. The VR version is self-driven and encourages readers to explore the story world themselves.

This will be a lively panel to discuss the creative process behind “Ship of the Dead” and the inevitable intersection of immersive technologies and literature. Aside from a best-selling author, the “Ship of the Dead” team consists of talented heavy hitters who previously worked for Marvel, Magic Leap, Apple, Riot Games, Royal Shakespeare Company, and more. 

Panelists will discuss a wide array of topics such as: combining the worlds of traditional literature with XR, contract considerations for partnering with a published author, the challenges of creating experiences that are accessible in both VR and AR, the development of a custom cloud-based technology for the experiences, strategies for marketing and distributing an immersive literature piece, and ways to approach authors for potential XR partnerships.


1. Andy Lanning - Creative Director at Qxr Studios. Former Marvel/DC Comic Book Artist/Writer and Creative Director for Magic Leap

2. Graeme Devine - CTO at Qxr Studios. Former Magic Leap, Apple, Microsoft, Lucasfilms, Activision, and Virgin Interactive Engineer.

3. Kate Mosse - International best-selling British author and OBE (Office of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire)

4. Lou Doye - Executive Producer at Qxr Studios. Former Immersive and Live Theatre Producer for London’s West End, Royal Shakespeare Company, and Magic Leap.

5. Elena Piech - Experiential Producer at AMP Creative. Former Senior Marketing Manager for AR/VR platform company The Glimpse Group, and an Emmy-nominated journalist.

6. Rory Mitchell - Producer at The Mercantile. Former Beard & Glasses VR.

7. Naomi Augustine Lee - Art Director at Qxr Studios. Former Raytheon, Riot Games, and Magic Leap


XR Producer , ZeroSpace
Creative Technical Officer , QXR Studios
Art Director , QXR Studios

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New Media Artist , Black Movement Project
Nov 10

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Post our successful second year of BRCvr Burn Week, Doug and Athena will share what they learned, new discoveries, best practices and ways utilized to bring the community together while empowering them to create in the digital plane.


CEO , Big Rock Creative
Nov 10

11:50 AM - 12:45 PM


The use of XR in entertainment, from production to marketing and distribution, continues to grow as consumers expect more immersive and engaging content. This panel of studio executives will share their perspectives on why XR creates a stronger medium for more authentic brand storytelling and how they apply XR as a part of their larger branding initiatives. They’ll also discuss best practices for deploying these experiences, learnings from new technologies and their future outlook for XR in entertainment.


VP, Emerging Products Group , ViacomCBS
Senior Client Partner , Trigger
Director of Interactive Experiences , Disney Consumer Products, Games, and Publishing
Nov 10

02:15 PM - 02:40 PM


What does live performance look like in virtual worlds and how can virtual production be used? Step behind the curtain with Director Kiira Benzing of Finding Pandora X, winner of the Venice Film Festival’s Best VR Immersive User Experience Award and the Audience Award at the 2021 SXSW Festival. This production features Broadway actors embodying virtual avatars. Immersive narrative, ancient mythology, escape rooms, and virtual environments collide in this hour-long interactive performance that transports the audience into a neon-colored immersive storyworld. The audience has a critical role to play, embodying avatars and collectively forming a Greek Chorus. Rooted in the principles of interactivity, liveness, presence, embodiment and community, these productions enable global audiences to socially connect. Join Benzing as she describes the Double Eye Studios’ process for virtual collaboration and explore what types of media can be used to build live virtual performances.


Executive Creative Director , Double Eye Studios