Bharath Rajagopalan
Director of Strategic Marketing at STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics

Bharath Rajagopalan is Director of Strategic Marketing at STMicroelectronics, responsible for developing

the company’s strategy for Augmented Reality leveraging ST’s broad technology and product portfolio.

Bharath is a veteran of the electronics industry, having served in technical, managerial, and executive

roles in research and development, manufacturing, product development, and marketing. Bharath is

also serving as the inaugural Chair of the LaSAR Alliance for which he was instrumental in conceiving,

creating and implementing.

Prior to ST, he has held a number of leadership positions including roles at MicroVision, Dolby

Laboratories, Texas Instruments and IBM in semiconductor technology development and manufacturing,

display technology development and imaging systems. Bharath holds MS, and PhD degrees in electrical

engineering and an MBA.