Peter Verillo
CEO Enhatch Inc

Peter Verrillo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Enhatch, the Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem. Enhatch is harnessing Artificial Intelligence to create a faster, safer and more personalized surgical experience for the millions of patients who face life changing surgery every year. 

The Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem drives the preoperative Planning of a surgical case to the 3D Printing and Delivery of implants and instruments to the field.  The Ecosystem drives enabling technologies, such as patient specific devices and augmented reality, to help Implant these devices in the Operating Room and helps medical device companies Learn from every procedure, both clinically and financially.

Before Enhatch, Mr. Verrillo launched multiple billion-dollar product lines in the orthopedic industry and also holds several seminal patents in joint arthroplasty. He graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering.