Gamifying the World – Evolving Experiences in Mixed Worlds


As new technologies evolve, so do the ways we live, work, play, shop and explore the world around us.

Hear how gaming and play are influencing our everyday experiences. Learn how global brands and up-and-coming startups are creating connected experiences and merging mixed worlds through gaming, the metaverse, web3, emerging technologies such as augmented reality, AI, voice, sound, senses, and beyond.

This session will share an overview of the current market landscape with real-world examples and discuss how innovators are changing the way we interact with the world.

Take Away 1: Provide an understanding of how gaming and play are influencing our everyday experiences.

Take Away 2: Outline specific examples of how companies are creating mixed and merged experiences through gaming, the metaverse, web3, emerging technologies.

Take Away 3: Key trends, future thinking and the opportunities ahead for gamifying the world around us.

This session is for….
This session is for brands, technologists, innovators and creators who are looking to learn more about how gaming and play are influencing our everyday experiences.

Consumer Brand Leaders, Digital Executives, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CXOs, Technologists, Product Leaders, Product Managers, Product Owners, Digital Transformation Leads, Cultural Transformation, Consulting


Strategic Partnerships Marketing , Niantic
Executive Product Leader , The Walt Disney Company
VP, Solutions Innovation , dentsu
CEO/Creator of Realities , Exelauno

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May 31

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM


In this presentation, Barry Kaplan will discuss why AR/VR has not yet exploded in the market, and introduce a game-changing wearable technology. The MudraBand from Wearable Devices, is the world's first SNC (surface nerve conductance) wristband that reads neural signals generated by simple hand gestures and translates them into Bluetooth actions.

Barry will explore how MudraBand allows for more natural and intuitive interactions in AR/VR, and discuss how SNC technology reads the bio potentials of the user, registers tiny changes in electrical output, and extrapolates the intended gesture using deep learning models. Finally, Barry will showcase how MudraBand is revolutionizing the way we interact with digital content, bringing a new level of realism to immersive experiences.


EVP USA , Wearable Devices
May 31

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM


Does the idea of making tabletop holograms excite you? Well, it should! The Tilt Five Augmented Reality System offers a new way to develop and play. Jeri breaks down her latest AR projects and how she approaches developing new games and experiences. With a low-friction path to making AR content–even if it’s your first time–the system provides you everything you need to engage, entertain, and educate your users. Find out how you can create the ultimate experience for family game night or even develop a plugin to increase your team’s productivity–the possibilities are endless!


CEO , Tilt Five
May 31

12:00 PM - 12:25 PM


This session will explore how haptic feedback can elevate the user experience in XR content.

Beginning with an overview of the benefits of haptic feedback, this session will delve into the science
behind the bHaptics' devices and discuss the design, implementation, and application of haptic
feedback to enhance user engagement, with a special emphasis on real-world case studies that
showcase the technology's capabilities.

The session will provide attendees with practical insights and actionable strategies to maximize the
potential of haptic feedback in their own XR content with bHaptics’ haptic devices.


CEO , bHaptics
May 31

01:55 PM - 02:20 PM


This casual discussion outlines the original mission of holoride from 2015, with our co-founder's vision spun out of AUDI Innovation. Our longstanding partnerships with HTC and Schell Games paint an immersive journey building a solid platform together pairing real time car data, open map data and original content creation. We will explore the successes and challenges within the VR industry that helped us reach our goal of an Elastic SDK, the onboarding of more strategic partners, our RIDE Token, scaling a diverse company, launching a consumer facing product store and rolling this out both in Germany and the US. So what’s in store for the next 5 years, 12 years -- and, the long game of mobility, transportation and media & entertainment? Come join the lively conversation.


Tech Humanist, XR Strategist , The Collaboratorium
General Manager North America , holoride
May 31

02:25 PM - 03:20 PM


This panel features both the client and the agency that created a compelling AR activation leveraging story-telling, serialized content, and both in-person and virtual events to connect with developers.

This innovative campaign used web-based AR to help drive engagement at a virtual event, offering up a gamified and educational interactive experience featuring 'Chuck' - a sarcastic and snarky block character that led the user through the experience. The campaign further evolved by engaging in-person, conference attendees with booth-activated AR experiences that further told Chuck's story.


Senior Event Program Manager , Intel
Immersive & Strategic Comm. Instructor , University of Oregon
CEO , Rock Paper Reality
Partner Marketing Director , Intel