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In this exciting panel we will be talking to the game legends, Survios, about how they collaborated with Qualcomm and T-Mobile to develop the next generation of AR gaming with the Puzzle Bobble game.

We will explore how Survios utilized the Snapdragon Spaces platform to develop and deliver an outstanding demo of Puzzle Bobble. What game mechanics were used and how the platform was utilized. What considerations made this IP attractive for developing on the Snapdragon Spaces platform.

We will hear from an expert from Qualcomm on the features of the Snapdragon Spaces platform that were used.

We will also hear from T-Mobile’s XR lead, Cerilenne Menendez Mendoza about how connectivity and the T-mobile network has powered this 5G XR game.


Founder , SAM Immersive
Director, Business Development , Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
XR Lead , T-Mobile
Co-Founder & CTO , Survios


This panel will discuss the emergence of XR theatre production, including VR and AR integration with narrative original and adaptive works, as well as how to blend XR technologies with live and virtual audiences. The theatre world has developed communities for live, virtual productions that include multi-site AR and VR integrations, as well as hybrid events that deliver mixed effects for remote audiences.

This session will include some of the leading producers and technologists in global immersive theatre and dance, including Pip Brignall, from The Round; Kiira Benzing, with Doubleeye Studios; Scarlett Kim with Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and Chris Pfaff, Chris Pfaff Tech Media LLC (moderator) and will include both live and recorded demos of immersive theatre.


Co-Founder , The Round
Director of Innovation & Strategy , Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Executive Creative Director , Double Eye Studios
Owner , Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC


The Gateway to the Future is an AR project that aims to "enrich cultural heritage through the power of technology". It consists of two AR experiences centered around the Wasserschloss - an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Hamburg. HONOR partnered with ARLOOPA to bring the concept to life and tasked two visual artists - Yunuene and Timo Helgert, to creatively transform the Wasserschloss using AR.

Yunuene's "Sailing Through Time" project takes viewers on a journey through the port city of Hamburg's marine logistics history.

You can enjoy both experiences for free using the ARLOOPA app. Users lucky enough to be in Hamburg can use AR from the Poggenmühlen-Brücke bridge on the side of the Wasserschloss landmark as a vantage point. Everybody else can just use a flat surface to project the entire visual ensemble on a flat surface.

We can see how the metaverse is colliding with physical reality.


Artist , Creator
Chief Wizard , ARLOOPA


As new technologies evolve, so do the ways we live, work, play, shop and explore the world around us.

Hear how gaming and play are influencing our everyday experiences. Learn how global brands and up-and-coming startups are creating connected experiences and merging mixed worlds through gaming, the metaverse, web3, emerging technologies such as augmented reality, AI, voice, sound, senses, and beyond.

This session will share an overview of the current market landscape with real-world examples and discuss how innovators are changing the way we interact with the world.

Take Away 1: Provide an understanding of how gaming and play are influencing our everyday experiences.

Take Away 2: Outline specific examples of how companies are creating mixed and merged experiences through gaming, the metaverse, web3, emerging technologies.

Take Away 3: Key trends, future thinking and the opportunities ahead for gamifying the world around us.

This session is for….
This session is for brands, technologists, innovators and creators who are looking to learn more about how gaming and play are influencing our everyday experiences.

Consumer Brand Leaders, Digital Executives, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CXOs, Technologists, Product Leaders, Product Managers, Product Owners, Digital Transformation Leads, Cultural Transformation, Consulting


Executive Product Leader , The Walt Disney Company
Strategic Partnerships Marketing , Niantic
VP, Solutions Innovation , dentsu
CEO/Creator of Realities , Exelauno


From the barriers to entry to getting experiences funded and then creating the actual deliverable product, Adrian Rashad Driscoll and Rommel ‘RomeDigs’ Reyes will help the audience understand how we can bridge the gap between music and XR. These entertainment experts will share tips on bringing music artists in to the XR space and answer audience questions related to the process.


Head of Immersive , Collimation
Producer, Director , Creator


Join us for a discussion with creators who are leading the way in 21st century entertainment. Does the current Hollywood structure support them? How do they independently forge ahead with the emergence of a new show business model? How does using XR enhance their visions and make their projects reach extraordinary heights? These topics and more will be explored on this exciting panel with the next generation of moviemakers and performers.


Co-Founder , Ferryman Collective
Director and XR Creator , Hyper RPG
Scrappy Storyteller , The Jigsaw Ensemble