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Jun 2

09:00 AM - 09:55 AM


VR and AR tools have provided numerous ways to align and expand the physical and virtual, and our interpersonal interactions can be shaped by these experiences. New research from StanfordVR has provided additional context to our learnings about avatars and virtual environments. Whether you are a developer, artist or stakeholder, come discuss the latest with our panel of industry leaders, researchers, artists, and visionaries.

A variety of perspectives will be taken into account, from philosophy to AI-generated content, platforms, avatar embodiment, and ethics. Based on audience questions, the group will also cover cross-reality methods for training, entertainment, and personal development as takeaways for creating effective and memorable experiences.


Interactive Project Manager , Dimension Adventures
Advisor , Dulce Dotcom
CEO , Odeon Theatrical
Graduate Research Fellow , Stanford University
Jun 2

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM


Mimic Productions, a 3D studio that makes the world's most realistic digital humans for all industries will present their case studies and future ambitions for virtual beings. David Bennett, a pioneer in the VFX, performance capture, 3D gaming and VR industries, with credits that include James Cameron's Avatar and most recently The Matrix 4. The visual presentation will focus on how photorealistic digital humans can be used in culture, with an industry insight into the current and future (AI) technologies that are used to create avatars. David has played a major role in the development of facial animation through innovation in new tools and techniques to streamline and enhance the capabilities of avatars and has plans to continue this journey through the use of AI technologies.


CEO , Mimic Productions
Jun 2

11:10 AM - 11:35 AM


In this thought provoking talk we follow the story of John Henry, a character known for his incredible strength and stamina, as he competes against a steam drill powered by artificial intelligence in a high-stakes race to build the Metaverse.

Together we probe critical questions on AI generation of art, music, text, and more.

1. How do these AI tools effect Metaverse creation?
2. What new kinds of applications and services do AI tools unlock?
3. How does AI support new opportunities to scale?
4. What are new kinds of AI enabled business models?

Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALL-E, ChatGPT, Magic Avatars are just the beginning.

Join us as we consider the age-old question of what happens when technology surpasses humanity's abilities in the race to build the Metaverse.


President , Xeodesign Inc
Jun 2

11:40 AM - 12:35 PM


Coming Soon!


CEO / Co-Founder , WaveAI
President , Rethink Next
Founder , Virtual Events Group
CEO and Chief Scientist , Unanimous AI
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder , Subtext
Jun 2

01:30 PM - 01:55 PM


Facial. Vocal. Verbal. Human conversations are complex. Many factors are at work when we speak, including our facial expressions, tone of voice and word choice. Today, companies are operating in a more globalized and virtualized world than ever before. It can be challenging to accurately understand the conversations needed to establish business-critical relationships. The stakes are high – reading a situation incorrectly can lead to miscommunication, confusion and ultimately, the erosion of trust.

Leveraging machine learning algorithms that draw from an ever-expanding database of emotional cues, Multimodal Emotional AI fuses data from all modalities (face, voice, words) together, helping to overcome the relationship challenge. By capturing the complex messages conveyed through emotional cues, we’re now able to identify key moments that influence sentiment and engagement as well as emotional intelligence (EQ) factors that build trust and empathy. It’s like having a coach sensing even the most subtle emotions in the room and making real-time recommendations on how to create the best possible human connection.

Drawing on real-world examples, Umesh Sachdev, Co-founder and CEO of Uniphore will describe how behavioral science and Emotional AI are helping to close the divide between humans and machines to drive deep and meaningful connections built on trust. Umesh will also discuss the potential applications for this technology and how it is being used to derive value from critical conversations across the enterprise.

And, make every conversation count.


Co-Founder and CEO , Uniphore