Angelina Dayton
Senior VR Research Scientist Virtual World Society

Dr. Angelina Dayton is a Senior Virtual Reality Research Scientist for the Virtual World Society and Aspen Institute Tech Policy Fellow. She has previously been an XR user-experience designer, speaker, consultant and trainer. Angelina has degrees in Anthropology and Education from UC Berkeley and Stanford and a Human-Computer Interaction Professional Certification from MIT. Some of her current passion projects involve XR curriculum and training in rural Native communities. She is widely known as The VR Lady and has spent her career helping industry understand large-scale deployment and mass adoption of emerging technologies. She is the mother of seven and is a children’s magician in her free time.


Jun 2

10:00 AM - 10:55 AM


The Case for Custom: Jump Ship from Walled-Garden Multiplayer-VR, Build Your Own App, and Do Your Own Thing

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