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Oct 21

13:00 - 13:25


XR4EUROPE is a Pan-European association that federates all the XR professionals, organisations and initiatives to support the development of, promote and represent XR innovation, industry and creativity from Europe.

This European Not-For-Profit Association was created in May 2021, and is the result of the XR4ALL project supported by the European Commission’s H2020 programme which ran from December 2018 to August 2021. The founding members are former XR4ALL consortium members and European territorial clusters.

The aim of XR4Europe is to contribute to the development of XR in Europe. It is important to note that there are many private and public initiatives in Europe for the development of XR. These initiatives are positive, but the fragmentation of these supports does not allow sufficient resources to be mobilised for major structuring projects, whether in terms of technology, equipment or content.

In addition to providing appropriate services to its members, XR4Europe wants to contribute to reducing this fragmentation and to become an interlocutor of the sector with user companies and public authorities.


Managing Director , XR4Europe
Oct 21

13:20 - 13:45


The immersive quality of XR has potential for good as it's used to expose people to social situations they otherwise wouldn't experience, creating greater awareness and empathy.

When Joanne Popińska was producing The Choice, she had no idea that less than six months after it was released the United States Supreme Court would overturn Roe v Wade, ending the constitutional right to abortion almost 50 years after it was established.

Enjoy this Fireside Discussion as Joanne discusses her original goals, her surprise at how the Supreme Court decision impacted reception of her work, and the overall impact of this XR experience.


Director & Producer , Infinite Frame Media