Every year AWE hosts its annual Auggie Awards ceremony at AWE USA in Santa Clara. This is where the majority of awards are handed out — there are 15 categories in total.

However, in addition to the main annual Auggie Awards, there are also local awards handed out for AWE’s events elsewhere around the globe, including for AWE Europe, AWE Asia, and AWE Israel.

At each of these events, there are two awards handed out. These awards are for: Best In Show, Start-up To Watch and AWEsome Award (which is given to any exhibitor or speaker who has showcased something truly awesome at the event.)

AWE EU 2022 is on the horizon, and winners for the above three awards will be judged on-site and announced in the closing ceremony at this year’s EU event.

The AWE EU 2022 Auggie Winners are the following

  • Best In Show: Pico
  • Start-up To Watch: PatchXR
  • Awesome Award: VitruvianVR
You can rewatch the AWE EU 2022 Auggie Awards Ceremony here.

Auggie Award winners from AWE Asia 2022 were announced at the show in August. To view winners, click here.

For the main page for the Auggie Awards that take place at AWE USA each year, click here.


About the Auggie Awards

The Auggie Awards™ Competition is an initiative of, the producer of AWE (Augmented World Expo). The goal of the Competition is to promote excellence in XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) on various platforms and categories. The Competition is intended to bring the best in the augmented World to the public, and to provide recognition to contestants who develop technology and solutions that demonstrate how to make the world a more interactive place and make our lives and work more engaging, productive, and fun.

Consistent with AWE XR’s mission to educate, connect, and hatch new AR initiatives in the augmented world across the globe, and AR.ORG’s global goal to encourage broad adoption of AR towards the goal of 1 billion active AR users by 2022, AR.ORG is co-sponsoring this competition, offering award trophies. is the Competition Administrator and has partnered with sponsors to co-fund and co-run it.