AWE Playground

The AWE Playground is our AR+VR experience center featuring jaw-dropping, highly immersive and interactive demos not seen under one roof anywhere else (think more Theme Park than Trade show Expo).

All experiences will be either a premiere, launch or an exclusive creation for the AWE Playground and will offer an experience that leverages working technology in an engaging, fun and exciting fashion that is ready for a high throughput.

Join us in Pavilion 1, FIL –Lisbon Exhibition & Congress Center.

The Garden of Choices

In Garden of Choices, people learn to debate climate change issues and are left with a feeling of hope for our climate future.

Vitruvian VR

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, Vitruvian VR® is a 360 degrees gyroscopic simulator allowing high performance and reactivity for both Professional Training and Entertainment.


A software house dedicated to fulfilling the promise of art and music in the age of Mix Realities. Embodied Visual Music.

LightClash AR

The world's first multiplayer AR Sci-Fi game for smartphones! Go outside and get ready to zap your friends!

VR Workout

The most effective full-body workout in VR. Demo as a group to experience community fitness. Let’s move together to enhance platform performance and increase investment return.

Racing Sim on Varjo Aero

Put pedal to the metal with Varjo Aero in iRacing VR on world-class simulators featuring a motion platform from Next Level Racing with top-of-the-line components from Simucube.


An enchanted forest featuring their AR enabled toys!

Yaw VR

Play flight sim VR games or have a true roller coaster experience in a motion simulator with high motion range and speed.


Haptics enabled clothing - attendees can try out their haptics suits and play Vr games and even PC games

eSports VR

esports VR! Competitive VR gaming setup and a mini tournament during Happy Hour

Talon Simulations

Try out the Vortex Simulator System, a modular XR platform for entertainment and training.

Breonna's Garden

In solidarity with Breonna Taylor's family, we transitioned Breonna’s Garden from AR to virtual reality and created an immersive space of healing for all.

Conquest VR

Conquest VR is on a mission to elevate every VR experience by delivering premium audio. Test drive the new Conquest Pro at booth #11.


Join VREL staff for a fun, beginner-friendly VR sport experience in a relaxed atmosphere to learn more about VR Esports, leagues, and opportunities.

Drone Cadets

We've helped thousands of students learn to fly, code and strategize how to work efficiently with drones IRL. Now we have brought our accredited program into the Metaverse! Come fly with us, and explore our platform for students of all ages.

AR House

Come connect, get inspired & try amazing demos at the AR House Booth! Featuring the best young AR creators in the world from AR's #1 community, there's no better place to chill out at AWE 🕶

AWE will provide the space. You provide an out of this world experience. Interested? Apply below.