Shachar "Vice" Weis
Founder and CTO Packet39

Shachar (usually goes by Vice) is a software developer with over 25 years of broad R&D experience. He's worked in many fields and disciplines, from ancient mainframes to tiny IOT devices. Vice has extensive experience with 3D engines, game development, immersive experiences, computer vision and machine learning, robotics, CAD and photogrammetry. Vice is based in Canada and workds with first-tier customers like Disney, Sears, GE and Mazda, had his interactive content installed in museums all over the world.

In recent years Vice has worked extensively in the VR/AR domain, with a focus on arts and culture, healthcare, nuclear power, aviation, simulators and safety training. Vice also founded, a Virtual Reality MRI/CT simulator designed to reduce the number of children that require sedation during the scan.

Vice is a tech artist, tinkerer, maker, 3D scanning enthusiast and photographer. Follow some of Vice's projects on his website:


Oct 21

11:35 - 12:25


Augmented Reality as the Next Level of Engagement in Arts & Education

Kyr Poskonoff | LikeXR

Andy Cooper | Draw & Code

Stefanie De Regel | Walking Museum

Lisa Lokshina | L3A UX Studio

Shachar "Vice" Weis | Packet39