Jennifer Reneker
Associate Professor The University of Mississippi Medical Center

Dr. Jennifer C. Reneker is a neurologic physical therapist, epidemiologist, and innovator, serving as an Assistant Dean of Scholarly Innovation at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). Dr. Reneker has received numerous grants supporting her research directed towards evidence-based prevention, detection, and management strategies for neurological impairments. Through the Center of Excellence in Telehealth at UMMC, she is the principal investigator for a Health Services Resource Administration funded project utilizing an innovative sensorimotor testing strategy in headset virtual reality to provide decision support for the diagnosis and treatment of concussion in collegiate athletes. The goal is to develop a telemedicine compatible medical device to extend access to specialist care for the rural poor, underserved areas of the United States, and in military environments. Dr. Reneker is the sole-owner of a spin-off company, Alter VIST, LLC., for commercialization of the technology related to her work.