Cyril Tuschi
Founder / CEO SyncReality

Cyril Tuschi is a prize-winning filmmaker-turned-VR-enthusiast and serial entrepreneur. With his roots in feature film, Cyril is a builder of creative bridges. Founded in Berlin in 2015, You-VR is a development company for interactive media including games, AR, and VR with a focus on developing VONDERLAND, a software platform to port films to interactive social VR experiences. The VONDERLAND prototype was nominated for best interactive VR experience at VR NOW 2018.

“Connected Entertainment” is a collaboration with film studios to develop XR experiences to boost narrative synergies for film releases and contribute cinematic moments in VR multi-player environments.

Continuing his work to bring film-like experiences to everyday life, Cyril founded SyncReality in 2020. SyncReality is a developer tool, which synchronizes the real world with the virtual and turns every individual home into a custom-fitted stage for virtual StoryWorlds. In October 2020, Syncreality closed its pre-seed round, which enables the team to develop several tech prototypes of the Syncreality Software Engine.

Cyril holds a degree in Philosophy with over 30 years of filmmaking experience having won awards including the New York Academy Camera Prize at Berlinale festival, Audience Award at the Festival of German Film - Ludwigshafen, Main Prize at the Documentary Festival Munich and the French Critiques Prize at Valenciennes Filmfestival.


Oct 21

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Auto-Adaptive Content Creation for Spatial Computing, the Metaverse and Beyond.

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Cyril Tuschi | SyncReality