Sarah Vallon
Head of Marketing SyncReality

Sarah-Jean is the Marketing and Public Relations Lead at


A New York native with a degree in Journalism and

Communication from Washington and Lee University, Sarah-Jean uses a data-driven approach to brand, community, and media relations building, allowing her to efficiently scale-up growing businesses. In her previous post, she organized and curated 275+ speaking engagements and media opportunities to spread brand and product awareness.

Sarah-Jean’s appreciation for storytelling has allowed her to immerse herself in several industries including social good, media, and most recently, blockchain technology, solving the world’s data problem, where she built a developer-centric community of over 300,000 people all over the globe.

Her keen interest in disruptive technology and innovation has taken her from Maputo to Hamburg, from NYC, and now to Berlin, where she is working with SyncReality to bring the first XR designer tool for auto-adaptive playfields to the market.


Oct 21

14:20 - 14:45


Auto-Adaptive Content Creation for Spatial Computing, the Metaverse and Beyond.

Cyril Tuschi | SyncReality

Sarah Vallon | SyncReality