Thibault Mathieu
Founder & Creative Producer Wilkins Avenue AR

Thibault Mathieu is the founder and creative producer at Wilkins Avenue AR, a world-renowned studio specializing in high-quality AR experiences for retail & entertainment. As CEO of Wilkins Avenue AR, Mathieu oversaw production of major experiences, including "Out There", one of the world's largest Location-Based AR experience showcased at Comic Con Paris, and Lancôme's Flagship Store experience in Spatial Computing. Most recently, he created the world's first "Augmented Live Stream" in partnership with Maison Berger Paris. Prior to founding Wilkins Avenue AR, he served as Head of Creative Innovation, VR & AR at Webedia Group – a leading, global digital media & entertainment group with more than 4 billion YouTube views each month.


Oct 20

13:00 - 13:25


Creating the First Augmented Live Stream

Guillaume Rolland | Maison Berger Paris

Thibault Mathieu | Wilkins Avenue AR