Martina Solimini
Digital Training Solutions Product Manager IMA

Martina Solimini is ICT Project Manager at IMA, working on projects to digitise business processes. She has a degree in management engineering and is currently focused on designing software and app solutions that can optimise flow in processes for creating, managing, and sharing documentation with end customers.

She is currently working at IMA Skillgate, an LMS platform specialised to the editing and sharing of digital training content to IMA customers. The objectives and challenges are diverse: to research ways to increase group productivity through automating content creation, and to provide the customer with a training package for each production demand that includes traditional 2d material, 3D content, and VR/AR experiences.


Oct 20

16:05 - 16:30


Digital Manufacturing with Unreal Engine

Fabio Sambinello | IMA

Martina Solimini | IMA

Francesco Salizzoni | Applied