Asher Marks
Associate Professor of Pediatrics Yale University School of Medicine

Asher Marks, MD: Dr. Marks is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Yale University and Co-Director of XRPeds. XRPeds focuses on the use of extended reality (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) within research, clinical practice, and patient/family and provider education with the goal of improving lives and reducing disparities of youth, young adults, and their families. As the director of pediatric neuro-oncology, his clinical focus is on the care of pediatric patients with brain tumors.

James Watson: James is a marketing expert in the immersive technology sector, with extensive experience in marketing VR and AR solutions stretching back to the launch of the first Oculus headset in 2013. He is currently Chief Marketing Officer at The Glimpse Group (Nasdaq: VRAR), a diversified immersive technology group, comprising multiple enterprise focused VR & AR software and services subsidiaries. Previously he founded XRTech Marketing consultancy and was CMO at VR platform provider Immerse.


Oct 21

14:10 - 14:35


Learn How Pediatric Cancer Patients Benefit from VR-Based Support Group Therapy

James Watson | The Glimpse Group

Asher Marks | Yale University School of Medicine