Yingzi Yuan
Founder & Builder Metaverse Summit

As a culture and entertainment industry enthusiast, Yingzi previously worked in entertainment holding group Vivendi as an innovation strategist. Then she joined Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab as a Strategic Analyst and Open Innovation Project Manager, this background has led her to become one of the company's task force with the mission to explore how new technologies could reshape the landscape of entertainment, analyzing their potential impact in various areas. Among divers projects, she’s especially in charge of the operation side of Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab, Ubisoft’s international incubator that supports innovative startups creating products and services that have the potential to transform the entertainment industry.

In the pursuit of her belief in the convergence of technologies in creative industry, Yingzi founded Metaverse Summit, an international convention around the Innovation and Creativity around Metaverse and Web3. She’s been invited as guest speaker in multiple conferences in entertainment-tech : VR Days Europe, World XR Forum, Laval Virtual, Siggraph, Indie Game Factory, EthDenver, Polkadot Amsterdam, Animayo etc.


Oct 20

12:30 - 13:20


Evolution of Technology in Immersive Experiences

Guillaume Brunet | Orange

Virgile Mangiavillano | VR Future

Liz Rosenthal | Venice International Film Festival

Yingzi Yuan | Metaverse Summit