Michael Avis
Founder and President Tapvigo Solutions

Michael Avis is the founder and president of Tapvigo Solutions, an innovative communications company based in Toronto, Canada.  With over  20 years of experience as an educator, consultant, technologist, and curriculum designer, Michael has worked at all levels of the education system both domestically and internationally.  He is passionate about purpose-driven immersive technology and the need for accessible and equitable digital and communications literacy.  

Let’s Talk About Race is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality simulation that focuses on understanding why we need to have meaningful conversations about race.  Using the Bodyswaps soft skills training platform, learners can tackle the challenging topics of recognizing their own privilege, navigating and confronting microaggressions, and understanding the barriers of implicit bias.


Oct 21

10:10 - 10:30


Changing the Conversation about Race with VR

Michael Avis | Tapvigo Solutions

Christophe Mallet | Bodyswaps