Nils Pihl
CEO Auki Labs

"We believe that technology that can change society needs a narrative to guide it home. Building a successful app is not just about building the tech, but building the behavior and creating the culture."

From neural interfaces to behavioral analytics at scale, Nils is a serial entrepreneur and thought leader at the intersection of technology and memetics. 

Using a unique combination of meme theory, game theory, and behavioral psychology, Nils crafts memorable narratives that drive and modify user behavior.

Nils has been enlisted by companies like Weibo, Apple, and the World Bank to foster and spread sustainable, scalable, and desirable user behavior and was part of the first intra-cortical neural interface project that proved sensorimotor plasticity in primates.

His thoughts on memetics in UI/UX design have been translated into several languages, cited in academic papers, and helped shape brands and communities with hundreds of millions of users.

Nils was previously Director of Data at KaiOS and founder of


Oct 20

11:05 - 11:30