Mariia Tintul
Head of Business Development, XR Batch Managing Director Startup Wise Guys

Having 8 years of experience in IT Business Development I have had a chance to work in various industries: IT outsourcing, Product Development, Social and Cultural Heritage projects (I've created the official Chernobyl app with AR), Service business in creating business XR applications of any sort and now finally creating an XR Accelerator by being in investment and startup growth. I can combine startup thinking and corporate experience in order to try to validate the relevance and impact of new ideas and concepts emerging on the market. My Sales, PR and Partnerships background allows me to always see the roadmap, even when we only just discuss the ideas. 


Oct 21

10:25 - 12:00


Start-Up Pitch Competition

Marie Tors | Graffiti

Adam Hutchinson | oVRcome

Ivan Isakov | Valkyrie Industries

Eugene Ntota | Uhula ICT (Pty) Ltd

Lili Eva Bartha | GN3RA

Marco DeMiroz | The Venture Reality Fund

Amber French | Catalyst Entertainment Technology

Cansu Cinar | Investor

Cam Mullen | Nevermet

Faye Maidment | Angel Investor

Ani Manjavidze | CrossCreators

Mariia Tintul | Startup Wise Guys

Melodie Mousset | Patch XR