Miltos Ladikas
Senior Researcher Karlsruhe Institut Fur Technologie

Dr. Miltos Ladikas is senior researcher at the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

He has studied Social Psychology (London School of Economics) with a focus on Societal Aspects in Technological Developments. Since 1996, he has held research positions in UK and Germany specialising in Science & Society issues. He has coordinated a number of international projects in the areas of science and technology policy, technology assessment, ethics of scientific developments, public perceptions in science and technology, genetically

modified foods and access to pharmaceuticals.

He advises the European Commission, the European Research Council, the European & Developing Countries Clinical Countries Partnership, and several national research

organisations, on social & ethical issues in Science & Technology developments.

His current work focuses on global aspects of Technology Assessment, Responsible Innovation, Ethics in Science and Technology Policy, and Science Diplomacy.


Oct 20

12:45 - 13:35


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Miltos Ladikas | Karlsruhe Institut Fur Technologie