Jaehun Kim
VP Ejune System

Ejune System is a leading SI specialized company based on manufacturing in Korea, and it is growing into an ICT specialized company by expanding to areas such as 4D/VR platform, robot system, and IT consulting.

Founded in 2003, our company offers Vision based on our IT technology and achieves various goals with our team. We aim to provide customer-oriented service developed based on our expertise from completing multiple projects to fulfill their needs and run business with Leadership and proficiency.


Oct 21

12:15 - 13:15


K-Metaverse Pitch Stage Featuring Korean Start-Ups

Jaehun Kim | Ejune System

Ken Kim | 3i

Dahye Choi | Brandi

Danny Cho | MARVRUS

ByeongSu Kim | NeoGames Technology Ltd.

Hobin Chen | Haegin

Jinsong Roh | MetaVu Co., Ltd.

Alexis Choo | NP Inc.

Jurang Kim | Woongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd.

Andrey Lunev | Startup Wise Guys

Dominica Lee | P&C Solution Co., Ltd