Carolina Salazar
Founder Design Thinking Sweden

Caro is a strategic foresight futurist and world-renowned expert in metaverses. She has been working with metaverses in the automotive, beauty, metamobility, retail, art, music, career, education, HR, and fashion industries for over 10 years. Caro is a Top Business Mind with deep experience in 3D design and UI/ UX design. With extensive knowledge of how to create successful user experiences that are both intuitive and engaging.

CEO of Design Thinking Sweden and Chief Metaverse Officer of CONECTUMcity, a leading metaverse
consultancy; works together with Design Thinking Sweden with the world's leading brands on metaverse growth strategies, NFTs, games, robots, and how to extend their brands into virtual worlds.

Consultant, speaker, and guest lecturer at universities such as MIT, Emeritus, and OIT; Metaverse Strategist & Keynote Speaker; also contributor to prestigious magazines such as Mundo Ejecutivo, Emprendedor 3.0, The Future Shapers & Business 4.0.

She has written 8 e-Books focused on all forms of Metaverse development and monetization. He is about to launch his 9th eBook focused on labor laws and the Metaverse economy, called MetaLaw & Metalworkers The Future of the Remote work.
The First Eva Metaverse hosting "Los Digitales Latino Metaverse" The Womanverse-metaday"
She is presenting the Metaverse & Immersive Design Thinking in more than 20 countries including Innovation Day Turkey, CapitaEntrepreneur in Norway, and in Minting Summit NFT Metaverse.