ByeongSu Kim
Lead Global Business NeoGames Technology Ltd.

Neogames provides a mobile game based on ‘REAL concept’ that is connecting famers and consumers through the ‘Realfarm.' You must focus on crucial factors from actual farming such as temperature, nutrition, and water to harvest good-grade products here. You should take good care of your crops as you would do in reality. Players can even get rewarded with agricultural products delivered to their homes. It is ongoing success in Korea for more than 10 years.


Oct 21

12:15 - 13:15


K-Metaverse Pitch Stage Featuring Korean Start-Ups

Jaehun Kim | Ejune System

Hobin Chen | Haegin

Ken Kim | 3i

Dahye Choi | Brandi

Danny Cho | MARVRUS

ByeongSu Kim | NeoGames Technology Ltd.

Jinsong Roh | MetaVu Co., Ltd.

Alexis Choo | NP Inc.

Jurang Kim | Woongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd.

Andrey Lunev | Startup Wise Guys

Dominica Lee | P&C Solution Co., Ltd