Malte Barth
Founding General Partner BITKRAFT Ventures

Malte is a Founding Partner of BITKRAFT Ventures since 2017. Since 2014 he served as Head of Esports at Modern Times Group (Stockholm), which he build one of the largest Esports portfolios globally for leading brands like ESL, DreamHack, ESEA, and others. He holds Board Roles at ESL and DreamHack and serves as an Industrial Advisor to EQT, a leading global Private Equity firm, since 2010. Throughout his investing career in digital businesses, Malte oversaw 70 deals with ca. USD 270mm in transaction volume. Malte graduated in Industrial Engineering and Business Management from Nordakademie and is active as an entrepreneur (5-times), investor, and operator in the digital Media, Games, and Esports space for over 20 years.


Oct 21

13:25 - 14:15


Investing in the Future of VR & AR Gaming & Esports

Malte Barth | BITKRAFT Ventures

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